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Project Description
Developped by Ornithopter, using WindowsPhone.Tools(by Oren Nachman) and Toggle Switch Control Library(by Eric Jensen)


  1. Smart Installing: Update app when installed.
  2. Uninstall app
  3. Batch installing and uninstalling
  4. Show apps installed on Phone
  5. Support connecting with Phone and Emulator at same time
  6. Drag and Drop: you can drop xap file(s) in to application window to add it(them).
  7. Using WPConnect.exe: using WPConnect.exe to connect with Phone when connecting.(You might switch it to "ON" in setting panel)
  8. Customize Xap info
  9. Install Xap into "Settings"
  10. Resume Patch
  11. Resign xap
  12. Multilingual support 

You may need WPConnect.exe

2011/10/14 UPDATED:
Add a console application.
Command:[/quiet] [/device:] [/wpcpath] [/nowpc]
/quiet args:none Description: Hide all console.writeline
/device: args:[phone] [emulator] Description:Choose target device(Default:phone)
/wpcpath: args:string Description:Define the file path of WPConnect.exe
/nowpc: args:none Description:Don't use WPConnect.exe



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